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Friday, December 24, 2010


Great ass shake vid---

ms superdome myspace page-(facebook soon)- AND BIG LIZZ
 I first got hip to MS SUPERDOME  a few years back as a myspace friend. I remember saying damn!! If only there was a way to see more of this tall supa thick, fine woman! Well she must've been reading my mind , because only a few months later I was breezing thru the flicks on her myspace page and read in her captions that she'd be launching a site soon. Next thing I knew she was all over he web with video clips promoting her new dot com.MS SUPERDOME hails from Louisiana and reps it well. If I can find her measuremeants online I'll provide them later.


  1. too bad she doesn't do porn.

  2. Why she don't do porn?

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  4. Me fascina la 6ta imagen de esta belleza monumental